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Valuation Appeal Board member wanted

Member to serve on the Valuation Appeal Board for Hessequa Municipality

Hessequa Municipality invites interested and qualified individuals to apply for members to serve on the Valuation Appeal Board to be established in terms section 56 of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, No. 6 of 2004.

Composition of the Valuation Appeal Board:   A Valuation Appeal Board consists of:

  • a chairperson, who must be a person with legal qualifications and at least ten years practical experience in the administration of justice; and
  • not fewer than two and not more that four other members with sufficient knowledge of or experience in the valuation of property, of which at least one must be a Professional Valuer; or
  • Professional Associate Valuer, without restrictions with at least ten years’ experience, registered in terms of the Property Valuers Profession Act, 2000 (Act 47 of 2000).

Functions of the Valuation Appeal Board established in terms of Section 57 of the MPRA, No. 6 of 2004

The functions of the Valuation Appeal Board are:

  • To hear and decide appeals against the decisions of a municipal valuer concerning objections to matters reflecting in, or omitted from the valuation roll of a municipality in the area;
  • Review decisions of a municipal valuer submitted to in terms of Section 52 of the MPRA.

Commissions and Committees of Enquiry: Remuneration Tariffs of Non-Official Members:

  1. R3,888.00 per day / R486.00 per hour as alternate professional valuer/ member; and
  2. Travel allowance is based on national tariffs of the Department of Transport.

Closing date for applications: 8 March 2019.

Applications are to be submitted in the form of a detailed CV, accompanied by certified copies of qualifications, certificates and identity document/passport/Declaration forms (obtainable from the Municipality). Applicants are to clearly indicate the reference for the position being applied for member/valuer.

Failure to submit the requisite documents will result in the application not being considered.

The requested documentation shall be delivered by hand or registered post, at applicant’s risk, at the Municipality during office hours to:    Street Address: Van den Berg Street, Riversdale, 6670 OR PO Box29, Riversdale, 6670

For further details, contact Mr L Saayman or Ms R Prinsloo at Hessequa Municipality tel: 028 713 8000 during office hours, Monday to Friday (8am to 4.30pm).

Please note that, should no feedback be received by 15 April 2019, applicants may assume that their applications have been unsuccessful.

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