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Municipal Properties



  • Step 1
    Complete the prescribed application form which is available on the website or at
    any Municipal office and pay the prescribed application fee.

  • Step 2
    Submit the completed application form per e-mail to or post the application to PO
    Box 29, Riversdale, 6670 or you can hand in the application at any of the Municipal offices.

  • Step 3
    The Property Management Departement will verify that the information on the application form is
    complete where after the application will be submitted to relevant Departments for comments.

  • Step 4
    The comments will be considered and a report will be drafted and referred to the Ward Committee,
    Portfolio Committee, Executive Mayoral Committee and in the event of the selling of property, to the

  • Step 5
    Should the application be approved, the proposed leasing/selling of the property will be advertised in
    the media for comments. All comments and/or objections received will be considered.

  • Step 6
    If comments or objections are received, the comments and objections received will be referred back to
    Portfolio Committee or Council and after the final decision is made, the applicant will be informed of the decision in writing.


The above listed information can be download HERE:
Information statement regarding the leasing and purchasing of Municipal property

Click on the LINK below to download the Application Form to lease / purchase municipal property.
Application form to purchase or lease Municipal property 2018

In terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) only properties that are not
required for the provision of basic Municipal services, may be sold/leased. Therefore, all Council
Departments will be requested to confirm that a property is not needed to deliver basic Municipal

The Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) requires that, in principle, all properties be
sold/let by way of competitive bidding. In certain cases, Council may however consider direct

In terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) Council is required to sell/lease land
at market related prices. Approval may however be given for lower than market related values in cases
of public benefit and/or the plight of the poor.

➢ Leasing of property – Executive Mayoral Committee
➢ Selling of property – Council

➢ Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003)
➢ Municipal Asset Transfer Regulations
➢ Immovable Property Administration Policy

The process outlined above, is merely a guideline. It is not intended to be all inclusive or exhaustive of each and every step. The Hessequa Municipality reserves the right to dispense with or add any steps in appropriate cases within its discretionary powers in accordance with its authority and all relevant and applicable policies and legislation.

Community Services

Community Services

This department works in cooperation with provincial and other traffic and emergency services and is responsible for traffic-related tasks including:
point duty to direct traffic enforcement of local, provincial and national traffic laws and regulations placing of traffic signage according to local, provincial and national traffic laws and regulations

Municipal Sports Grounds

The Hessequa Municipality oversees 7 sports facilities in communities across the municipal area.

Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Tennis

Rugby, Soccer

Rugby, Soccer, Cricket

Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Tennis, Cricket

Rugby, Soccer, Netball

Rugby, Netball, Soccer

Rugby, Cricket

For more information please contact:


The Hessequa Municipality manages 6 libraries in the greater Hessequa municipal area.

If you are a resident in the municipal area, membership of the library is free! Visitors and residents from neighbouring towns may join for a nominal fee. Your library card can be used at any of the libraries in the municipal area, but it is preferable that you return your books at the library from which you have borrowed it.


Ask a librarian for a membership application form and fill it in. If you are an adult (older than 17) residing in the greater Hessequa area, bring along with your application: a) a valid South African Identity Document.

If everything is in order, you will be able to take out books immediately and a library card will be issued. Membership is free for residents. However, if you should lose your card, it will cost R10 to replace.

If you are applying for a child younger than 17 years:

a) fill in an application form for the child and sign it on his/her behalf,
b) submit your identity document number, and
c) the child’s identity document number.

If everything is in order, the child will be able to take out books immediately and a library card issued in his/her name.

Membership is free for children and grandchildren of residents. However, if they should lose their cards, it will cost R10 to replace.

Yes, the libraries have magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, some Audio Books and even videos in some cases. Ask you librarian if you are not sure where to find them.

A member may borrow books for two weeks at a time. If you want to read a book for longer, you must ask for an extension. You can phone the relevant library with your card and book details, or go the library to extend your loan period.

If you did not ask for an extension on your book borrowing time, you will have to pay a fine per book.

Hessequa Libraries

028 713 8014

028 713 7839

028 713 7925

028 713 7926

028 713 7932

028 713 7879

Youth & Social Development

The vision of the department is the social and economic development, upliftment and empowerment of youth, women, the disabled, children, the elderly and people living on the street and people with HIV & AIDS within the boundaries of the Greater Hessequa. It plans to do so through a process of facilitation, co-ordination and networking with services rendered by role players (inter-governmental and NGO’s) in the field. This does not mean that the department will not undertake programs of its own, but that it will be selective in deciding on programs of own initiative in order to prevent duplication of services.

Our aim is to ensure that Hessequa Municipality delivers on its mandate as a developmental agent by mainstreaming the Rights Based Approach through all service delivery. The purpose of this is to ensure that the rights of the vulnerable people within our boundaries are protected and that cognisance of their needs is taken in service delivery by the Municipality thereby contributing towards poverty alleviation and development among these vulnerable groups.


Promote integrated Social development and Developmental Social Services that will be accessible, affordable and appropriate to disadvantaged communities. To promote Developmental Social Welfare aimed at the youth the aged, disabled persons, families, children and the empowerment of women. Promote comprehensive service delivery through a sustainable Multi-Purpose Centre. To improve the quality of life of the total community within the Hessequa Municipal area through the provision of appropriate and accessible Developmental Community Services in collaboration with the communities to be served as well as other partners in a suitable manner. Promote integrated arts, cultural, capacity building and sport programmes and services that are accessible and address the cultural and recreational needs of the community, with special emphasis on the youth.


Hessequa Libraries

The internationally recognised Julius Gordon Africana Centre (Versfeld House), built in 1880, houses the largest collection of Thomas Bowler paintings in South Africa. Included in the permanent exhibition are works by Jan Volschenk and Johannes Meintjes (both natives of Riversdale), Irma Stern, Pierneef, Maggie Loubser, Gregoire Boonzaaier, Erich Mayer, Terence McCaw, Ruth Prowse and Pieter Wenning.

The centre also features Khoisan rock paintings and stone implements, Africana furniture of the region, and the history of Riversdale. Modern man (Homo sapiens) lived in and around the Riversdale area from as far back as 130 000 years and more ago and some of their ancient stone artifact can be seen here.


From the N2 take the Main Road into Riversdale, turn right into Long Street and the Versfeld House  will be  the second house on the left.

The museum is open from 09:00 – 13:00 during weekdays.

Entrance is free, however donations are appreciated.

Enjoy delicious carrot cake at the Old Jail around the corner and see the paintings of Marilise Lombard at Paddavlei Kunsgoete down the road.

Julius Gordon Africana Centre
Phone: +27 (0)28 713 7939

The iconic homestead in the hart of Stilbaai was originally built in 1809 and after it burnt down, rebuilt by Andries de Jager in 1814. It was declared a national monument in 1985. The walls, 70cm thick, are constructed with sandstone and clay, while the beautiful old ceilings made from indigenous Yellowwood transports you back 200 years ago. After the house was in the de Jager family for 168 years, it was sold and purchased by Jan Jordaan in 1982. The property was subsequently resold and the property divided into 5 portions of which the part with the homestead was bought by Albie Basson. Realising the historical value of the property, Albie Basson approached the municipality and entered  into negotiations with the Stilbaai Municipality to transfer the property in exchange for other municipal property. Subsequently the property with the palinggat homestead was registered in the name of the Stilbaai Municipality in 1990.It preserves all the historical elements like the attic stairs, beam above the fireplace, oven and back door. Today it houses the Archaeological Museum and the Tourism Bureau.


Cross the bridge to Stilbaai West and follow the main road till you see the green info sign to turn left. Follow the signs to Langenhoven Street where the homestead is located right at the end.

Be sure to plan your visit that you are present at 11:00 for the daily feeding of the indigenous fresh-water eels in the pond right next to the homestead.

Free to enter the tourism office part of the homestead.

Enjoy delicious carrot cake at the Old Jail around the corner and see the paintings of Marilise Lombard at Paddavlei Kunsgoete down the road.

Stilbaai Tourism Bureau
Phone: +27(0)28 754 2602

Park & Public Spaces

Preekstoel Caravan Park received a +- R1.8 million upgrade in 2017

Situated practically on the Blue Flag status beach of Preekstoel, roughly 4 km from Stilbaai. Thanks to the shallow bay, the clean extensive sandy beaches, the lagoon and the 15 kilometres long navigable Goukou river, every kind of water-related activity can be undertaken: swimming, sunbathing, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, angling, walking, sailing, canoeing, boating and waterskiing.

Click on the document below for the BEFORE and AFTER images.

For more information on Caravan Parks in Hessequa, please visit

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