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All stakeholders and members of the public who whish to submit proposals to determine or re-determine municipal boundaries may do so to the Municipal Demarcation Board. The process to review municipal boundaries is a normal, legislative process as set out by the Municipal Demarcation Act of 1998. Proposals for change, or no change, may be submitted to the Demarcation Board until 31 March 2022. Members of the public can submit their proposals directly by making use of the required documentation. The applicable documents is available on the municipal website: Info Centre  Document Library Redetermination of Municipal Boundaries MDB Circular 2/2021

The Hessequa Municipality is also preparing a proposal as a stakeholder. Members of the public are welcome to submit their proposals to Council in writing by submitting it at the nearest municipal office, or per email to . Any proposals submitted to Hessequa Municipality can be done until 11 March 2022. Submissions to Council does not require the Demarcation Board documentation. Please note that Council is submitting a proposal as a single stakeholder and may the final proposal of Council not reflect the proposal of all individual proposals received. This does not replace the opportunity for each member of the public to submit their own proposal.

Any questions or queries can be directed to Louw de Villiers during office hours at 028 7138089, or per email to

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