Investment Facilitation Standard Operating Procedure


Investment Facilitation Standard Operating Procedure

Hessequa Municipality as one of its key strategic objectives for economic development is to promote investment and development in the municipal area through the development and implementation of an Investment Facilitation Standard Operating Procedure [IFSOP].  The main purpose of the IFSOP is to create uniform investment promotion and facilitation processes and procedures in the municipality in order to attract new investors, and retain existing ones, whilst at the same time satisfying the legal and legislative objectives as well as the governance objectives of economy, efficiency and fairness.

As part of the process, Hessequa Municipality is developing a database of all potential investors i.e. domestic, national and international investors and established business looking to expand, to register on the database.  The database will assist the Municipality in identifying the type of investment potential investors / established businesses are interested in.  The latter will assist in streamlining the investment and facilitation process to fast track investment opportunities and development in the area.

All potential investors / businesses wanting to expand are hereby requested to provide the following information to the Municipality:

  • Name of Business
  • Type of investment / expansion of business
  • Investment timeframe
  • Support requirements from Municipality for investment / expansion of business
  • Contact details of investor / owner

The above information can be submitted electronically to:

Jolanda Hendricks at email:

Should you have any queries, please contact Jolanda Hendricks at (028) 713 7953 or at the above email address.