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Please take note of the following Training and Mentoring Opportunity for all CIDB Level 3 – 5 GB/CE Contractors:

The Department of Transport and Public Works as part of their EPWP Contractor Development Programme will now recruit candidates/contractors for our 16-month Mentoring and Training Programme, scheduled to start in October 2021 until January 2023.  Find attached an application form if you are interested to apply. We will draw up a long list of candidates from the application forms and continue to shortlist the final candidates after we have received sufficient responses.

The Programme includes a four-week compulsory training  that will focus on “Construction Management and Planning” a 5-day block week per month. The training will be accredited, and all candidates will be assigned a Mentor. The task of the Mentor will be to help the Contractor incorporate everything they have learned into the business.

NB* you must be willing and available to spend one week per month away from your family or business at the training venue for the duration of the 4 week/month training.

The training will be held at one central venue and the Department will provide accommodation for those who are chosen for the programme.  We will confirm the details of the venue and final schedule to qualified contractors in due time.

The contractors must however arrange their own transport to and from the venue. If the contractor doesn’t want to make use of the accommodation and catering provided, then they must find their own alternative at their own cost.

Application Process:

To apply for the Contract Development 4 week/month Training and Mentoring programme you must have a registered construction business and have an active Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Level 3-5 registration

If you are a CIDB Level 2 or lower Contractor, then you must be able to provide proof that are in the process to upgrade your status to 3 and above

You must have not attended a similar programme with this Department and or any other Department in Government

You must be based in the Western Cape

You must have a valid South African Identity Document

All application forms must be complete in full and accompanied with the following documents:

  • A clear and Certified copy of your Identity Document
  • Proof of Cidb Registration

Closing date for applications is 20th September 2021:

  Please return all application forms and supporting documents to

 For more information and clarity, contact:

 Keith Rass

Regional Coordinator: Expanded Public Works Programme (CIIE)

Transport and Public Works



17TH Floor, 9 Riebeeck Str., Atterbury House, Cape Town 8000;

Private Bag X9185, Cape Town 8001

Tel: +27 21 483 2412

Fax: +27 21 483 7198



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