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Municipal Properties



  • Step 1
    Complete the prescribed application form which is available on the website or at
    any Municipal office and pay the prescribed application fee.

  • Step 2
    Submit the completed application form per e-mail to or post the application to PO
    Box 29, Riversdale, 6670 or you can hand in the application at any of the Municipal offices.

  • Step 3
    The Property Management Departement will verify that the information on the application form is
    complete where after the application will be submitted to relevant Departments for comments.

  • Step 4
    The comments will be considered and a report will be drafted and referred to the Ward Committee,
    Portfolio Committee, Executive Mayoral Committee and in the event of the selling of property, to the

  • Step 5
    Should the application be approved, the proposed leasing/selling of the property will be advertised in
    the media for comments. All comments and/or objections received will be considered.

  • Step 6
    If comments or objections are received, the comments and objections received will be referred back to
    Portfolio Committee or Council and after the final decision is made, the applicant will be informed of the decision in writing.


The above listed information can be download HERE:
Information statement regarding the leasing and purchasing of Municipal property

Click on the LINK below to download the Application Form to lease / purchase municipal property.
Application form to purchase or lease Municipal property 2018

In terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) only properties that are not
required for the provision of basic Municipal services, may be sold/leased. Therefore, all Council
Departments will be requested to confirm that a property is not needed to deliver basic Municipal

The Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) requires that, in principle, all properties be
sold/let by way of competitive bidding. In certain cases, Council may however consider direct

In terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) Council is required to sell/lease land
at market related prices. Approval may however be given for lower than market related values in cases
of public benefit and/or the plight of the poor.

➢ Leasing of property – Executive Mayoral Committee
➢ Selling of property – Council

➢ Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003)
➢ Municipal Asset Transfer Regulations
➢ Immovable Property Administration Policy

The process outlined above, is merely a guideline. It is not intended to be all inclusive or exhaustive of each and every step. The Hessequa Municipality reserves the right to dispense with or add any steps in appropriate cases within its discretionary powers in accordance with its authority and all relevant and applicable policies and legislation.

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