Municipal Governance

Grant Riddles

Executive Mayor

Tel: 028 713 8000


Executive Mayor: Cllr Grant Riddles

Grant Riddles were elected as Executive Mayor in 2016. The Executive Mayor appoints four councilors to the Mayoral Committee to assist him. The members of the Mayoral Committee serve as heads of various portfolios in line with the Council-approved alternative service delivery organizational structure.

The Municipal Manager, Johan Jacobs heads the administration. He is supported by a team of strategic executive directors. Together with the Executive Mayor they have established the joint Office of the Executive Mayor and Municipal Manager as a strong center to ensure smooth management.

Hessequa Municipal strategic plan focus on the following:

  • To provide quality basic services and infrastructure
  • To facilitate higher and shared economic growth and development
  • To pursue economic growth and development in such a way that improves the people’s quality of life
  • To fight poverty and build clean, healthy, safe and sustainable communities
  • To ensure good governance and financial viability.