The vision of the department is the social and economic development, upliftment and empowerment of youth, women, the disabled, children, the elderly and people living on the street and people with HIV & AIDS within the boundaries of the Greater Hessequa. It plans to do so through a process of facilitation, co-ordination and networking with services rendered by role players (inter-governmental and NGO’s) in the field. This does not mean that the department will not undertake programs of its own, but that it will be selective in deciding on programs of own initiative in order to prevent duplication of services.

Our aim is to ensure that Hessequa Municipality delivers on its mandate as a developmental agent by mainstreaming the Rights Based Approach through all service delivery. The purpose of this is to ensure that the rights of the vulnerable people within our boundaries are protected and that cognisance of their needs is taken in service delivery by the Municipality thereby contributing towards poverty alleviation and development among these vulnerable groups.


Promote integrated Social development and Developmental Social Services that will be accessible, affordable and appropriate to disadvantaged communities. To promote Developmental Social Welfare aimed at the youth the aged, disabled persons, families, children and the empowerment of women. Promote comprehensive service delivery through a sustainable Multi-Purpose Centre. To improve the quality of life of the total community within the Hessequa Municipal area through the provision of appropriate and accessible Developmental Community Services in collaboration with the communities to be served as well as other partners in a suitable manner. Promote integrated arts, cultural, capacity building and sport programmes and services that are accessible and address the cultural and recreational needs of the community, with special emphasis on the youth.