Municipal Governance

Johannes Hartnick

Executive Deputy Mayor

Tel: 028 713 8000


Deputy Executive Mayor: Johannes Hartnick was elected as the Deputy Executive Mayor of the Hessequa Municipality on 5th May 2017. Councillor Hartnick is a PR Councillor. He is the chairperson of the Development and Planning Portfolio and serves on the Mayor’s Executive Committee. Councillor Hartnick also assist the Executive Mayor with his duties and functions.

Councillor Johannes Hartnick was born in Riversdale, the eldest of two brothers and two sisters. He was raised by his late mother and grandmother without a father figure. He matriculated at Gerrit Du Plessis High School in 1975. Councillor Hartnick studied at the University of the Western Cape during 1976 and 1977 to become a teacher.

He joined the S.A Navy and underwent Formative Naval Officers Training at the S.A. Naval College in Gordons Bay in January 1978. He served on various warships in the Electronic Warfare Communication Department as well as in the Torpede Anti Submarine Department, above water weapons. He left the S.A Navy while serving at the joint S.A National Deforce, Army Airforce and navy in Pretoria during August 1998. He also served as a reservist in the SAPS from 2005 to 2015. He is married to his wife Elizabeth and have three children, one boy and two daughters.

He gained corporate experience as a sales executive in retail, carpet estimator and in real estate. During 2008, he was elected as a Cosatu shopsteward and represent SACCAWU as the national negotiator for the Western Cape at National level.

Councillor Johannes Hartnick served on various church boards, Governing School Boards and School Committees, namely in Ocean View, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. He is a qualified athletics South Africa Provincial Coach and a facilitator to train coaches and athletes in sprints, hurdles and relays, the field in which he specializes.