Municipal Governance

Council Overview

The Council consists of 17 Councillors, of whom 9 are Ward Councillors and 8 Proportional Representative Councillors. The members of the Mayoral Committee also form part of the Council.
The Hessequa Municipal Council makes decisions in terms of legislation, such as bylaws and policies, as well as in terms of executive functions such as operations, projects and issues of finance. The executive function within this municipality has been delegated to the Executive Mayor and the Executive Mayoral Committee.

Executive Mayor

Grant Riddles is the Executive Mayor and political leader of Hessequa Municipality.

Office of the Speaker

The Speaker, Andrew Stroebel , is the convener of Council meetings. This office also oversees the workings of Ward Committees.


The Hessequa Municipal Council is the political sphere of service delivery and final decision-making entity.

Ward Councillors

Ward 1 – Benjamin Daniel Smith (DA)

Ward 2 – Ivan Trevor Mangaliso (ANC)

Ward 3 – Marthinus van den Berg (DA)

Ward 4 – Gerald Boezak (DA)

Ward 5 – James Eugene Gelderbloem (ANC)

Ward 6 – Nadia Ann Joseph (ANC)

Ward 7 – Msindo Elias Dayimani (ANC)

Ward 8 – Christopher Philip Taute (ANC)

Ward 9 – Simon Marthinus Odendaal (DA)

Proportional Representative Councillors

Lisby Pieterse
Maria Fielies

Grant Riddles
Heinrich Hartnick
Margaret Jakobs
Andrew Stroebel
Theresia van Rensburg

Vryheidsfront Plus
Johannes Hartnick






Ward Name Surname E-mail
DA 1 Ben Smith
ANC 2 Ivan Trevor Mangaliso
DA 3 Tinus Van den Berg
DA 4 Gerald Boezak
ANC 5 James Gelderbloem
ANC 6 Nadia Ann Prins-Joseph
ANC 7 Msindo Elias Dayimani
ANC 8 Christopher Philip Taute
DA 9 Simon Marthinus Odendaal
ANC PR Lisby Pieterse
ANC PR Maria Fielies
DA Executive Mayor Grant Riddles
DA PR Margaret Jakobs
DA PR Heinrich Christiaan Hartnick
DA Speaker Andrew Stroebel
DA PR Theresia Van Rensburg
VF Deputy Mayor Johannes Hartnick