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The Hessequa Municipal Council consists of 17 Councillors, of whom 9 are Ward Councillors and 8 Proportional Representative Councillors.

The Council makes decisions in terms of legislation, such as bylaws and policies, as well as in terms of executive functions such as operations, projects and issues of finance.

The official results from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) resulted in the Democratic Alliance [DA] 8 and the African National Congress [ANC] 8 out of the 17 available seats in the Hessequa Council. Freedom Front Plus received one seat.

The DA has entered into a coalition agreement with Freedom Front Plus and will govern Hessequa for the next five years.

The Mayoral Committee of the Council of Hessequa consists of:

Executive Mayor – Grant Riddles [DA]
Deputy Executive Mayor – Adwin Saayman [VF+]
Councillor Ben Smith [DA]
Councillor Annemarie Joubert [DA]
Councillor Margaret Jakobs [DA]

The new Speaker of Council is Councillor Andrew Stroebel.

The Municipal Council of Hessequa consists of:

Ward 1 Ben Smith [DA]

Ward 2 Ivan Trevor Mangaliso [ANC]

Ward 3 Tinus van den Berg [DA]

Ward 4 Thomas Pretorius [ANC]

Ward 5 James Gelderbloem [ANC]

Ward 6 Nadia Ann Joseph [ANC]

Ward 7 Elias Dayimani [ANC]

Ward 8 Chris Taute [ANC]

Ward 9 Simon Odendaal [DA]

The PR councillors consist of DA, ANC and VF+ representatives. These PR councillors are as follows:

Grant Riddles
Margaret Jakobs
Annemarie Joubert
Andrew Stroebel
Jennifer Hartnick

Lisby Pieterse
Maria Fielies

Adwin Saayman

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