Hessequa Municipality to utilise the Central Supplier Database from 01 July 2016

As per instruction in terms of National Treasury MFMA Circular No 81, from 01 July 2016 municipalities will be obliged to utilise the Central Supplier Database (CSD) as their official list of accredited prospective providers when procuring goods and services. This notice serves to inform all current and prospective providers to Hessequa Municipality, that it will utilise the CSD from 01 July 2016.

During the 2015 budget speech, the Minister of Finance announced the development and future use of the Central Supplier Database (CSD) as a means of simplifying the process of doing business with government. Therefor the CSD will be the source of all supplier information for all organs of state. The objectives of the CSD are to reduce the exchange of compliance documents in paper form, eliminate
multiple registrations with different organs of state, and ultimately reduce the cost for both business and government by enabling electronic registration and verification processes.

The CSD will integrate with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to verify tax clearance certificates and the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for business registration and business ownership information.

The CSD will furthermore verify supplier information with the register for tender defaulters and database of restricted suppliers.
As the CSD is a self-service portal, prospective suppliers must self-register on the CSD website www.csd.gov.za Apart from registering and capturing supplier information on the CSD, suppliers currently on any database of organs of state need to maintain their records through the existing supplier systems until 30 June 2016. Suppliers with active accounts on the Western Cape Supplier Database (WCSD) will be migrated to the CSD but will need to activate their accounts on the CSD.

Please Note that REGISTRATION WILL BE COMPULSORY IN ORDER TO CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH HESSEQUA MUNICIPALITY from 01 July 2016. The database will be used to verify the accreditation of a supplier before quotations are obtained and award can be made.

Please direct enquiries to Mrs E. Prins at Tel: 028 713 8085 or Mrs A. Carelse at Tel 028 713 7896. E-mail enquiries must be sent to the following addresses ellouise@hessequa.gov.za or allison@hessequa.gov.za

The National Treasury may be contacted at Tel: 028 315 5509 or e-mail csd@treasury.gov.za