Hessequa Municipality

The vision for Hessequa Municipality as set out for 2012-2017 and beyond is:
A caring municipality where everyone reaps the fruit of cost effective and innovative service delivery, stimulated economic growth and sustainable use of natural resources

The Hessequa Council has set the following 7 Strategic Objectives ahead of themselves with specific impacts to be made:

  • Effective communication and participation.
  • To limit the impact of our presence in the natural environment and  re-establish a heritage of preservation.
  • Maintenance and development of all infrastructure and services.
  • Development of safe and integrated human settlements.
  • Human development initiatives to enhance the social well-being of all our residents.
  • To stimulate economic growth for the benefit of all communities.
  • An accountable local authority with a fit for purpose workforce and transparent financial practices.





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Date: 26 July 2015
Time: 07:00 to 18:00


Still Bay town
Melkhoutfontein and surrounding areas

The following towns will be affected for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at the end of the outage.



Eskom apologies for any inconvenience caused and will endeavor to restore the supply as soon as possible.

Customers are warned to treat all electrical installations as live for the full duration of the interruption.

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Tel: 084 014 1828

The emergency number can be used in case of fires, accidents, floods & other emergencies in the Hessequa region.

Please note that the old number 071 889 4733, is no longer in use.


Contact the emergency number

Try to remain calm

Identify the emergency: motor accident, building fire or other emergency.

Give your name and contact details

State the nature of the incident

Indicate the number of people or vehicles involved

Give the physical address and nearest corner or landmark


Remain on the line as long as possible to answer the operator's questions


Hessequa Munisipaliteit se biblioteke werk hand-aan-hand saam met die Omgewingsafdeling om kinders bewus te maak van herwinning en die potensiaal wat afvalmateriale inhou.

Inligtingsessies en uitstallings word in die onderskeie biblioteke in die Hessequa-streek gehou om aan die leerders te verduidelik wat herwinning beteken en word hulle aan verskeie boeke oor herwinning bekend gestel.

HERWINNING beteken om gebruikte materiaal te versamel en dit op te breek in klein stukkies sodat iets anders daarvan vervaardig kan word. HERVERVAARDIG beteken om die klein stukkies te neem en iets nuuts daaruit te vervaardig en HERGEBRUIK beteken om ‘n produk of materiaal te neem nadat dit gebruik was, en dit op ‘n ander wyse of vir ‘n ander doel te gebruik as waarvoor dit oorspronklik gemaak was.

Verskillende tipe materiale wat herwin kan word, is tydens die uitstalling in die biblioteke beskikbaar en kry leerders die geleentheid om items uit afvalmateriale te skep wat hulle huis toe kan neem.

Het jy al gedink waarheen die vullis gaan nadat jou vullishouer leeggemaak is?

Vullis beland op ‘n vullisterrein waar plastieksakke en glasbottels duisend jaar gaan neem om te verdwyn, of dit kan verbrand word en só sorg vir enorme lugbesoedeling, of dit kan selfs in ’n seeskilpad se maag beland.


Papier in alle vorms (koerante, boksies, tydskrifte, afvalpapier, rommelpos, selfs toiletrolletjies), harde plastiek, koeldrank- en waterplastiekbottels, koeldrank- en bieraluminiumblikkies, kan herwin word. Maak ʼn verskil deur te herwin.


Nasionale Tesourie vereis dat all munisipaliteite ‘n Standaard Operasionele Prosedure van Munisipale Uitgawes en Rekeninge (genaamd Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts “mSCOA”) implementeer teen 1 Julie 2017. Hessequa Munisipaliteit dien tans as ʼn loods munisipaliteit vir die implementering van mSCOA en is huidiglik in die proses om na die nuwe standaard en prosedures oor te skakel vanaf 1 Julie 2015.

Implementerings struikelblokke word tans ondervind, wat die migrasie na die nuwe stelsel bemoeilik. Die nuwe stelsel behoort teen Maandag, 13 Julie 2015 inwerking te tree. Hessequa Munisipaliteit vra dus u geduld en samewerking gedurende die oorskakelingsfase.

Navrae oor die oorskakeling of uitstaande betalings kan gerig word aan Me Karin Naude
by tel: 028 713 8050 of per e-pos aan
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Hessequa Municipality is currently in the process of migrating to a new Municipal Chart of Accounts.

National Treasury requires all municipalities to implement mSCOA (Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts) by 1 July 2017 and Hessequa Municipality is acting as one of the pilot sites for the implementation of the new standards and procedures by 1 July 2015.

We are currently experiencing difficulties with the migration, but should be operational by Monday, 13 July 2015. Thank you for your patience and consideration regarding this matter.


Enquiries regarding the transition and outstanding payments can be directed to Me. Karin Naude
Tel: 028 713 8050 or via email at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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