Hessequa Municipality

The vision for Hessequa Municipality as set out for 2012-2017 and beyond is:
A caring municipality where everyone reaps the fruit of cost effective and innovative service delivery, stimulated economic growth and sustainable use of natural resources

The Hessequa Council has set the following 7 Strategic Objectives ahead of themselves with specific impacts to be made:

  • Effective communication and participation.
  • To limit the impact of our presence in the natural environment and  re-establish a heritage of preservation.
  • Maintenance and development of all infrastructure and services.
  • Development of safe and integrated human settlements.
  • Human development initiatives to enhance the social well-being of all our residents.
  • To stimulate economic growth for the benefit of all communities.
  • An accountable local authority with a fit for purpose workforce and transparent financial practices.





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Voorafbetaal elektrisiteitsverbruikers is reeds vanaf 1 Julie 2013 verantwoordelik vir die betaling van ‘n basiese elektriese fooi, wat op daaglikse aankope verhaal word. Die basiese fooi vir huishoudelike en besigheidsverbruikers val binne 4 kategorieë, naamlik 0-32 Amps; 33-45 Amps; 46-63 Amps en >63 Amps. Indien geen elektrisiteit met ingang van 1 Julie 2013 aangekoop is nie sal die basiese fooi akkummuleer tot die eerste aankoopdatum. Die Raad het tydens sy begrotings vergadering, gehou op 28 Mei 2014, goedkeuring verleen dat voorafbetaalde basiese elektrisiteit fooie ook maandeliks vooruitbetaal kan word.

Huishoudelike en besigheidsverbruikers wie dus verkies om maandeliks hul fooie vooruit te betaal word hierby uitgenooi om by die Munisipaliteit te registreer. Die voorgeskrewe registrasie vorm is verkrygbaar by enige munisipale kantoor asook HIER.


Vir enige verdere navrae, kontak mnr. L. Saayman by tel.nr. 028-7138000 of per e-pos This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Prepaid electricity consumers have been responsible from 1 July 2013 for the payment of a basic electricity fee which is recovered from their daily purchases. The basic fee for households and business consumers falls within 4 categories, namely 0-32 Amps; 33-45 Amps; 46-63 Amps and >63 Amps. Should there have been no prepaid electricity purchased from 1 July 2013, then the basic fee will accummulate up until the 1st purchase is made. At the Council’s budget meeting held on 28 May 2014, it was approved that prepaid basic electricity fees may be paid in advance.

Households and business prepaid consumers electing to pay their monthly fee in advance are hereby invited to register at the Municipality. The prescribed registration form is obtainable at any municipal office as well as HERE.

Further enquiries may be addressed to Mr. L. Saayman at 028-7138000 or per e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Taking a firm stance against corruption and fraud in the municipal environment, Council approved a recommendation to enter into a partnership with the Eden District Municipality to establish an anti-fraud and corruption hotline.

Municipal Manager, Mr. Johan Jacobs says the establishment of the hotline gives the general public the opportunity to report their suspicions of fraud, theft and corruption anonymously. “
The public will be able to communicate openly and without fear of intimidation or victimisation as all cases will be treated confidentially.”

He said the hotline is externally accredited to the forensic audit and investigation firm, KPMG and will be called the KPMG ethics line. Calls to the hotline are free from any Telkom line. The hotline will be manned by KPMG personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week and calls are fielded by experienced call centre agents versed in all 11 official languages. All reported information will immediately be captured onto a call sheet and transmitted directly to a designated person appointed by KPMG.

Executive Mayor, Emor Nel said that callers should provide as much information as possible for the effective investigation of allegations. “They will be provided with a reference number and will be able to track the progress. Adding this independently run hotline once again reiterates our zero tolerance stance in this regard.”

The number for the hotline is 0800 21 47 64.

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‘n Nuwe pro-aktiewe toerisme strategie is in Junie geloods en teiken om die Hessequa-streek meer intensief te bemark.

‘n Reeks werkswinkels met toerisme-rolspelers het plaasgevind om te besin oor hoe Hessequa as streek hul toerisme-inkomste kan verhoog en die beskikbare begroting ten beste te benut. Insette vanaf die werkswinkel is bekom en gewerkswinkel met die Hessequa Toerisme Adviesforum en ‘n kollektiewe besluit is geneem op ‘n proaktiewe pad vorentoe. Rolspelers het gemeen dat die  bemarking van die streek as geheel ‘n prioriteit moet wees en dat die verskaffing van inligting herbesin moet word.

Toeriste gebruik deesdae die internet om inligting te bekom en die benutting van inligtingskantore het afgeneem. Rolspelers het saamgestem om ‘n groter rol te speel in die verspreiding van inligting en dorpskaarte sal teen einde Julie 2014 per dorp opgesit word. “Dit is ‘n spanpoging tussen alle rolspelers en dit sal befondsing beskikbaarstel vir intense bemarking van die streek.”

‘n Nuwehandelsnaam sal in die bemarking van die streek gebruik word om die teikenmarkte te lok. Die positiewe gemoed onder die pro-aktiewe rolspelers is fantasties en dit sal ‘n spanpoging wees wat ons sukses sal bring.


Die rolspelers het ingestem dat inligtingskantore op 30 Junie 2014 sluit om meer geld beskikbaar te stel vir bemarking in die nuwe boekjaar. Dit is tyd dat ons streek sy toerisme potensiaal op die Tuinroete behaal om meer geld en werksgeleenhede in ons ekonomie in te bring. Die nuwe handelsmerk is alreeds aan die media bekendgestel en ons pro-aktiewe bemarkingsaksies sal binnekort sigbaar wees binne die Hessqua-streek.


The electricity grid will be under significant strain today and tomorrow from 5:30pm to 6:30pm .

While the load increases significantly during the evening peak from 5pm to 9pm, the system demand is at the greatest risk during the period from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

Please switch off all office equipment before leaving the office, and switch of geysers for this hour in particular. Retailers and can assist by switching off all non-essential loads during this hour.

Help us beat the peak by switching off electrical space heaters, geysers, pool pumps and non-essential lights and appliances. You can also help by postponing your cooking time to after 06:30pm. This will aid to avert potential load reduction.


This is a pre-warning that load reduction might be a possibility and a warning could be given to your members and affiliates. As a precautionary measure, Eskom customers can find load shedding schedules on the Eskom website  http://loadshedding.eskom.co.za