Hessequa Municipality

The vision for Hessequa Municipality as set out for 2012-2017 and beyond is:
A caring municipality where everyone reaps the fruit of cost effective and innovative service delivery, stimulated economic growth and sustainable use of natural resources

The Hessequa Council has set the following 7 Strategic Objectives ahead of themselves with specific impacts to be made:

  • Effective communication and participation.
  • To limit the impact of our presence in the natural environment and  re-establish a heritage of preservation.
  • Maintenance and development of all infrastructure and services.
  • Development of safe and integrated human settlements.
  • Human development initiatives to enhance the social well-being of all our residents.
  • To stimulate economic growth for the benefit of all communities.
  • An accountable local authority with a fit for purpose workforce and transparent financial practices.





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Companies in the Hessequa region are hereby cordially invited to participate in the Eden Integrated Waste Management Forum’s 2014 Waste Minimisation Roadshow.

An exhibition stall will be made available for your company for the promotion of any recycling / waste minimisation products, processes and knowledge to the public of the Eden District. The Waste Minimisation Roadshow is essentially a means to encourage the public to minimise their waste through public awareness and education, but it also a marketing opportunity for your company.

The Roadshow will take place in Hessequa on the dates indicated below:

Hessequa Municipality
Riversdale Town Hall
08 September 2014
11h00 – 19h00

Participation in the Waste Minimisation Roadshow by your company is of utmost importance to Eden District Municipality and Hessequa Municipality as this will ensure the success of the Roadshow.


Should your company be interested in participating in the Waste Minimisation Roadshow, to please confirm via e-mail. This is essential to ensure adequate planning. Your confirmation e-mail can be sent to Lanese Hesselman: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to Johan Gie: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Burgemeestersuitreik Program

Die Hessequa Raad beplan om alle gemeenskappe te besoek met ‘n reeks gemeenskapsvergaderings wat bekend staan as die Burgemeestersuitreik Program. Die onderstaande skedule dui aan wanneer die vergadering in u omgewing sal plaasvind. Verdere datums sal later bekend gemaak word.

The Council of Hessequa plans to visit all communities with a series of community meetings known as the Mayoral Outreach Program. For your information and participation, please see schedule below. Future dates will be anounced at a later stage.

1 September

14:30  Jongensfontein

16:30  Stilbaai

18:30  Melkhoutfontein


2 September

15:30  Gouritsmond

18:30  Albertinia : Theronsville Gemeenskapsaal


4 September

16:00  Witsand

18:30  Slangrivier

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Hessequa Munisipaliteit ontvang gereeld navrae t.o.v. die werkinge en uitreik van ‘n uitklaringsertifkaat. ‘n Uitklaringsertifikaat is ‘n vereiste vir die oordrag van ‘n eiendom en kan die oordrag van eiendom nie geskied sonder dat die sertifikaat uitgereik is nie. ‘n Uitklaringsserifikaat bevestig dat daar geen uitstaande munisipale skulde op die eiendom is vir die voorafgaande twee jaar nie.

Artikel 118 van die Munisipale Stelsels Wet bepaal as volg:

118 Restraint on transfer of property

(1) A registrar of deeds may not register the transfer of property except on

production to that registrar of deeds of a prescribed certificate-

(a) issued by the municipality or municipalities in which that property is

situated; and

(b) which certifies that all amounts that became due in connection with that

property for municipal service fees, surcharges on fees, property rates and

other municipal taxes, levies and duties during the two years preceding the

date of application for the certificate have been fully paid.

(1A) A prescribed certificate issued by a municipality in terms of subsection (1) is

valid for a period of 120 days from the date it has been issued.

(2) In the case of the transfer of property by a trustee of an insolvent estate, the

provisions of this section are subject to section 89 of the Insolvency Act, 1936 (Act 24 of


(3) An amount due for municipal service fees, surcharges on fees, property rates

and other municipal taxes, levies and duties is a charge upon the property in connection

with which the amount is owing and enjoys preference over any mortgage bond

registered against the property.

Die praktiese effek van artikel 118 is dat ‘n munisipaliteit ‘n uitklaringsertifikaat kan uitreik vir die oordrag van ‘n eiendom, waar alle uitstaande gelde, soos per artikel 118(1)(b), vereffen is in die voorafgaande twee jaar voor die aansoek om uitklaring. Munisipaliteite behou die reg voor om skuld wat ouer is as twee jaar oor te dra na die Munisipale rekening van die koper. Artikel 118(3) bepaal dat bogenoemde skulde die eiendom volg en nie slegs die eienaar/persoon nie.

Die beslissing in die “Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality vs. Mathabathe” saak het bevestig dat munisipaliteite artikel 118(3) van die Munisipale Stelsels Wet kan aanwend om munisipale skulde ouer as twee jaar op die eiendom te verhaal.

Voornemende kopers word uitgenooi om of by hul oordragprokureurs of Departement Finansies navraag te rig rakende enige uitstaande Munisipale skulde op ‘n betrokke erf met voorbehoud van beperkinge i.t.v. die Wet op die Bevordering van Toegang tot Inligting. Dit word dus aanbeveel dat ‘n aansoek om uitklaring i.t.v. artekl 118 vergesel word van ‘n versoek om die stand van die rekening (ouer/langer as twee jaar) te bekom. Kontak 028 713 8000 vir verdere inligting of navrae.


The official launch of the Hessequa Department of Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum took place on 19 August 2014 at the Hessequa Municipality Council Chambers in Riversdale.
The main function of the Stakeholder Forum is to assist the Department of Home Affairs in identifying community service delivery needs.

Their main objectives are to reach out to communities that are in dire need of Departmental services and also to monitor and evaluate the community service needs. Theses have been evident through the National Population Registration Campaign (NPRC), where some of the goals are to register birth within thirty days (30), elimination and eradication of corrupt and fraudulent entry into the National Population Register (NPR) by non-South African citizens. Each Municipality has the executive structure and the chairperson of the structure chairs the Stakeholders Forum. The Department of Home Affairs takes the status of the secretariat.

Hessequa Municipality will allocate office space to the Department of Home Affairs at the Riversdale Thusong Centre. The Department of Home Affairs services is crucial the Hessequa community and services will be rolled out to all towns in the Hessequa area.


The Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum consists of:
Chairperson: Executive Mayor Emor Nel
Deputy Chairperson: Mr. Donovan Weber
Secretary: Sharon Davids
Deputy Secretary: Raymond Heunis
Logistics: John Gertse